How we got started...

Mizzou Crew was born in 2004 as a summer landscaping business for SAE fraternity brothers Jeff Baker and Kevin Venegoni.  Kevin's landscaping experience combined nicely with Jeff's marketing experience and we formed a powerful duo! 

We called ourselves Mizzou Crew, handed out thousands of flyers, mostly in South and West County STL and stayed busy all summer long.  The next couple summers we had renewal accounts, handed out more flyers and stayed busy again.  Each year we would start after Finals about May 15th and by June 15th we normally had as much business as we could handle until August!

Jeff and Kevin and many other friends and associates kept the business going for a few more years, specializing in small to medium sized landscaping projects.

In 2007 Jeff and Kevin graduated with marketing and business degrees from Mizzou.  Kevin became a medical sales pro while Jeff waited tables, sold street team marketing campaigns, worked random promotional jobs, and slowly built Mizzou Crew. 

Eventually, he decided that in order to complete jobs quicker he needed to get the rake out of his hand and recruit some local professionals to help!  Jeff also got the company more official in 2013 when he formed "Mizzou Crew LLC" and starting focusing on the business as his full time profession.  

That is when Mizzou Crew really started to grow and we now have hundreds of loyal landscaping and handy man customers throughout the Greater Saint Louis, MO area.

Recruiting quality workers and quality customers and keeping everyone happy is our main strategy.  As of 2020 we have about 20 solid crew leaders so we can get to jobs quicker and are as ready as ever for the year!

Mizzou Crew owners Jeff and Milky

Mizzou Crew owners Jeff and Milky