We can help you with those shrewd shrews!


Are moles causing problems in your yard?!

We can help and can come hunt them for you!  Our mole trapping service has 100% satisfaction rate for mole removal services in St. Louis!  We'll come and setup mole traps and continually monitor to maximize mole removal results! 


Want to know our secret?

Hunting moles, killing moles, and trapping moles in the south county Saint Louis, MO area is literally in the Mizzou Crew family blood!  Mizzou Crew owner Jeff Baker's great grandpa John Fribis invented and designed effective mole removal traps in the 1920s.  Jeff's Great Grandpa Fribis and a few other relatives all drove drove to Chicago to pitch their mole trapping design to the Sears big shot buyers who liked the Fribis mole trap so much they stole the design themselves and sold it in their next catalog! 

Fast forward 100 years and Jeff is currently Mizzou Crew and STL Mole Hunt's #1 Mole Man!.  Ask for some stats if you want?  As of Spring 2018 we have had success on every Mole trapping campaign we have been a part of.