Some helpful things to know about working with Mizzou Crew...


Getting Paid

Pay at Mizzou Crew is based as a percentage of each job.  Per job percentage pay depends on the the skill and experience level needed to complete a job along with the crew leader's vehicle/tool/labor contribution to a project.  Pay will be mailed or direct deposited every Monday after it is collected and on a job to job basis.  Each crew leader will have their own business name and will be sent a 1099 Misc at the end of the year. Also each crew leader must have and maintain their own insurance. 

Full Time or Part Time?

You tell us!?  The hours for you and your crew will change from week to week depending on your availability, your past Mizzou Crew job performance, how much Mizzou Crew work is currently scheduled.  

What else you need to know...

Qualified crew leaders should have some prior landscaping or construction experience and references and must be able to pass a detailed background check.
This position requires travel around the Greater St. Louis, MO area. Having your own vehicle is required, preferably a truck with a trailer.
Each crew leader is responsible for bringing their own pre-determined project tools.
Larger tools such as an aerator, bobcat or back hoe is helpful, but not required.

Need New Customers Directy?

We can definitely generate call ins for your business!  Doing just that is how we got in this landscaping and construction business in the first place.  Just call the Mizzou Crew Contractor and Customer Recruiting hotline at 314-774-0909 and/or email us a note to with your contact information and we will call soon!